Church of John of Kronstadt

The parish in honor of St. Righteous John of Kronstadt is part of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The parish was founded at the end of 2000, the first service took place on January 2, 2001. The community was created at the city clinical hospital No. 1, Kronstadt Street runs along this medical institution, so they decided to name the community in honor of the great saint and wonderworker, healer of human souls and bodies, Righteous John of Kronstadt. The hospital provided a dilapidated one-story building littered with garbage for the temple. For reasons of hygiene, the old plaster was removed and several layers of the floor were removed. The services began in a completely unsuitable room; there were only brick walls and sand underfoot. The situation seemed hopeless, there was nothing, but faith and prayer, and the Lord, through the prayers of St. John, brought new parishioners, sent kind, caring people, happy opportunities, and the church building was gradually put in order, decorated and over time became like a real Orthodox church and outside and inside. Now the parish lives a full-fledged liturgical life. Services are carried out not only on Sundays and holidays, but also throughout the week. The temple is open daily, which gives everyone the opportunity to come and pray, even when there is no service.

When the hospital opened a department for the homeless, parishioners began collecting and donating clothes and food to them. The church has a library and video library, a large selection of books and Orthodox films, which are enjoyed by both parishioners and patients. For young parishioners there is a Sunday school, in which children learn the basics of faith, divine services, church holidays, carols and even the English language.

Almost from the beginning of its existence, the parish decided to allocate a plot of land on Kronstadtskaya Street on the edge of Partizanskaya Park Glory for the construction of a new large temple and Sunday school. The preparation of the necessary documentation was extremely difficult, but despite all the obstacles, in 2006 all permits for renting the land were obtained and preparatory work for the construction of the temple began. On February 17, 2007, His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir laid a memorial capsule into the foundation of the new church. On the feast day (of St. John of Kronstadt) on January 2, 2008, the first service took place in the lower new church being built in the park. From now on, all services are performed in the new church, which is now completely built and parishioners can pray in the upper church.

Where is the Church of St. John of Kronstadt?

Borovaya street, 2A
(067) 780 87 42
08:00 – 18:00
services: morning 08:00, evening 17:00