Museum of Partisan Glory

The Museum of Partisan Glory, which was opened on May 7, 2008 in Partisan Glory Park and is a branch of Museum of the History of Kiev, over the years of its existence has become an important center for military-patriotic education of youth and perhaps the only museum in the left bank part of Kiev. The museum exhibits authentic documents, personal belongings, and military equipment of participants in the partisan movement. To recreate the atmosphere of those years, a partisan dugout, a wooden cart and a fishing boat used by the partisans are on display.

The exhibition consists of several sections and tells about the partisan struggle in 1941. The activities of the first partisan detachments, which were created in the initial period of the war and participated in the heroic defense of Kiev, the deployment of the partisan movement in 1941-1942, the forms and methods of partisan warfare: raids by partisan units, sabotage of communications, combat operations against enemy units. The museum exhibition ends with a section dedicated to the liberation of Kyiv. In the display cases you can see materials that highlight the combat activities of the partisans during the crossing of the Dnieper: documents and personal belongings of the partisan commanders, Heroes of the Soviet Union A. Simonenko, Yu. Zbanatsky, V. Bovkun, M. Taranushchenko and others.

The museum regularly hosts photo-documentary and art exhibitions, film lectures dedicated to the theme of the war of 1941-1945. Traditionally, events dedicated to Victory Day and Partisan Glory Day (September 22) are held every year. Since 2015, the museum has been renamed the “Museum of the Occupation of Kyiv.” Next to the museum there is a memorial sign in honor of the combat cohesion of partisan brigades during the Great Patriotic War (1978, architect K. Sidorov). The inscription on the stone reads: This stone from the TATR symbolizes the military friendship of Soviet, Polish and Slovak partisans in the joint struggle against the Nazi invaders. Installed on the initiative of veterans of the Shchors partisan brigade.

Where is the Museum of Partisan Glory located?

Slavgorodskaya Street (to the left of the main entrance to the Partisan Glory Park)
10:00-18:00, Mon: closed, last Thursday of the month – sanitary day
+380 (44) 563-30-06