Park of Partisan Glory

Partisan Glory Park (popularly simply PPS) is a regional landscape park in the Darnitsky district of Kyiv. It is located between Trostyanetskaya and Slavgorodskaya streets. Part of the Nikolsky forest area was included in the boundaries of the Darnitsky district of the city in 1965 to organize the district park of culture and recreation “Partisan Glory” here.

The park was founded in 1970. The authors were architects: V. Spiridonov, V. Maevskaya, V. Szegeda, V. Krainik, as well as dendrologists: E. Grebenyuk and O. Skibchinko. Its compositional center is the memorial area with the Museum of Partisan Glory, an amphitheater for traditional meetings of former fighters of partisan detachments and formations, where rallies and celebrations are held. Nearby, in 1978, a memorial sign was erected in honor of the combat cohesion of partisan brigades during the Great Patriotic War (author K. Sidorov).

In addition to the zone of ceremonial mass events, the park has 6 more functional zones: entertainment and cultural and educational events, exposition-thematic, sports, children’s recreation, quiet recreation, economic. The natural forest landscapes are preserved here, they are complemented by park features. The main park roads attract attention: a large pine alley and a large walking ring. On the alleys there are thematic sculptural compositions made of wood. There is also an amusement park, a summer cinema (there is no information about its functioning), equipped forest lakes.

Entertainment and infrastructure of the Partisan Glory Park

1. 2 religious buildings: the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Kazan” and Church of St. Righteous John of Kronstadt.
2. Many sports grounds with and without exercise equipment.
3. Tennis courts.
4. Skating rink.
5. Playground for mini-football.
6. Stadium.
7. Football field (large and small).
8. Ferris wheel (26 meters, works in the warm season).
9. Playgrounds.
10. Attractions.
11. Pump room.
12. Shooting range.
13. Rope park.
14. Dog training area.
15. 3 catering establishments.
16. Hotel.
17. 3 lakes with beaches.

The Partisan Glory Park was created on the basis of a pine forest – now you can admire tall pine trees in it, the tops of which go up dozens of meters up. The total area of the park is 112 hectares, more than 100 hectares of the park territory are occupied by plantings, and 3.5 hectares by water bodies.

The park presents 5 types of garden landscapes: forest, park, meadow, garden, regular. About 90% of the area of plantations belong to the forest and park types, which occupy approximately the same area (46 and 45 hectares). The meadow landscape is represented by areas near three lakes (6 hectares), garden landscapes (1 hectare) and regular (0.5 hectares) landscapes occupy insignificant areas. A significant part of the park (more than 30% of the territory) is covered with light forests of Scots pine. Under it, cultures of Scots pine and decorative plantings of various species have been created.

In total, 36 species of woody plants grow in the Partisan Glory Park. Scots pine prevails among them, sugar maple, robinia pseudoacacia, mountain ash, drooping birch, red oak, common oak, heart-shaped linden grow. About 9 hectares in the park are occupied by glades. Also, a lot of squirrels live here, which willingly accept food from walking people. In 2015, the Darnitskaya landscape painting (a mini-complex of fabulous and fictitious figures) appeared in the Partisan Glory Park by sculptor Konstantin Skritutsky .

Where is the Partisan Glory Park located?

Main entrance: Slavgorodskaya street, 31 (attractions, rope park, lakes, cafes and restaurants)
Entrance 2: Slavgorodskaya street, 47 (Ferris wheel)
Entrance 3: Sanatornaya street, 27 (stadium and tennis courts)
Entrance 4: Trostyanetskaya street, 113 (walking part, health path-health path)