Dubki Park (Syretsky Gai)

Syretsky Gai, which is better known as Dubki Park, is a forest park and park-monument of landscape gardening art of national importance, which was created on July 26, 1972. Area 195 hectares. Dubki Park is part of the Syretsky Forest Park, which was created on the site of natural plantings (the remnant of the forest) in 1952. The park’s terrain is dissected by ravines and the Syrets River, as well as lakes. The park’s plantings are dominated by century-old oaks and, in the northwestern part, pine and linden trees. Also planted here were common spruce, species of birch, maple, hornbeam, walnut, alder, willow, poplar, and juniper. Syretsky Gai serves as a recreation place for the townspeople, since in addition to natural plantings there are recreation areas, a children’s playground, and the Dubki restaurant with an unusual design, which was built in 1970 according to the design of architects Gopkalo, Grechin and Kolomiyets. The Syretsky Forest Park also includes Syretsky Arboretum and children’s railway.

Where is Dubki Park?