In September 2013, near the residential complex “PecherSKY Luxury Apartments”, the first kinetic sculptural installation in Kiev “Equilibrium” by the famous Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Lidagovsky was opened (at Rusanovka there is his sculpture “Staircase”). The sculpture, weighing about one ton and 6 meters high, is made of bronze and steel. Under the influence of the wind, the girl on the rope sways slightly, balancing, trying to maintain balance in our dynamic and unstable world.

“- Human space not so long ago received a third dimension as a real value. Space, aviation and high-rise buildings raised a person above the ground, tore him away from a two-dimensional plane. We still have to comprehend this, since the entire category and conceptual apparatus, language, thinking, philosophy have been formed back when the Earth was flat and lay on three pillars,” noted Alexander Lidagovsky, author of the “Balance” sculpture.
“A flat picture of the world provokes flat thinking and eternal conflict, while in space there is no conflict – it is complex and harmonious.”

According to the sculptor, the tasks of the created composition are to work with space, to introduce a human scale into it, and, of course, aesthetics, which the author understands not so much as decorative, but, above all, semantic – the emergence of new content, rethinking the surrounding reality, bringing without harmony, balance and equilibrium.

Where is the Equilibrium art object located?

Bolsunovskaya street, 2