In September 2013, near the residential complex “PecherSKY Luxury Apartments”, the first kinetic sculptural installation in Kiev “Equilibrium” by the famous Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Lidagovsky was opened (at Rusanovka there is his sculpture “Staircase”). The sculpture, weighing about one ton and 6 meters high, is made of bronze and steel. Under the influence of the … Read more

Furniture House

Дом мебели

The furniture house project by architect Natalya Chmutina was conceived as multifunctional: the building was planned to be used both as a shopping center and as an exhibition pavilion. In addition to the sales floors, it was planned to imitate the interiors of real apartments with examples of furniture compositions. The spatial solution of the … Read more

Grishko Botanical Garden

Ботанический сад Гришко

The National Botanical Garden named after Nikolai Grishko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was founded in 1935 and is part of the natural reserve fund of our country, is an object of comprehensive protection, and belongs to lands of natural, historical and cultural significance, which are protected as a national treasure of … Read more

Archangel Michael’s Zverinetsky Cave Monastery

Архангело-Михайловский Зверинецкий пещерный монастырь

There are no exact and documented references to the Zverinetsky Cave Monastery. It is assumed that the settlement of the caves by monks occurred in the 11th-12th centuries during the Christianization of Kievan Rus. Some church historians believe that the Zverinetsky Monastery is the predecessor of the Vydubitsky Monastery and owes its appearance to Prince … Read more