Kristerova Gorka Park

Kristerova Gorka is a botanical natural monument of local importance, which was officially created on January 30, 2001 and has an area of 4.5 hectares. This status was granted to the park for the purpose of preserving, protecting and using the most valuable examples of park construction for aesthetic, educational, environmental, scientific and recreational purposes. Any economic activity, including those leading to damage to natural complexes, is prohibited on the territory of the natural monument.

The natural monument itself is a preserved section of the park complex, where there are century-old trees, an alder forest, exotic trees and shrubs, and a cascade of 4 ponds. There are several springs on the territory of Kristerova Gorka Park. The park’s vegetation includes 25 species. Tree plantations are represented by oak, linden, poplar, elm, ash and willow. Of particular value are the 150-year-old chestnuts and 400-year-old oak. 4 species of animals are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and 10 species of animals are protected by the Berne Convention. The ponds are home to swan and mallard ducks, as well as a population of crucian carp.

The park was founded in 1850 by Wilhelm Christer, who was invited from South Saxony to work at the cloth factory of Prince Radziwill in the Radomyshl district of the Kyiv province. Having earned capital, Wilhelm decided to stay on Kyiv soil and purchased an estate in the suburbs. He founded here a diversified agricultural enterprise “V. Christer’s Gardening and Seeds” (Kiev experts claim that it was thanks to the activities of Christer’s nursery and school that by the 20th century Kiev acquired a reputation as one of the greenest cities in the world).

In June 2009, the park, after reconstruction, was opened to visitors. Two ponds were reconstructed, 2 pedestrian bridges were built, new trees and bushes were planted, 9,000 m² of lawns were sown, 3 decorative flower beds were arranged, more than 40 benches were installed, about 35 decorative lighting poles were installed, and automatic lawn watering was installed.

Where is Kristerova Gorka Park?