Kurenevsky Park

In tsarist times there was a brick factory here, then there were barns for raw materials, to which a railway line ran from the side of the current Zenit (Kurenevskaya station). The park was laid out here in the early 1930s and was first called Kurenevsky Park named after Yezhov. After the war, on the site of the park there was a metal depot, a rail welding plant, railway workshops (existed until 1961) and warehouses; in 1959 the park was restored as the Frunze Park. Once again the park was restored as Kurenevsky Park named after Frunze already in the mid-1960s, after the Kurenevsky tragedy – on March 13, 1961, a dam broke in the area Babiego Yara, behind which wastewater from the Petrovsky brick factories accumulated for more than 10 years.

After the incident, they did not restore the Kurenevskaya station, and six months later a park appeared in its place, which was then called named after Frunze. The park received its current name in 1993. At the end of the 1980s, the park had an amusement town (5 carousels, swings, an autodrome), a children’s arcade, a children’s choreography studio, a table tennis section, and a summer stage. This infrastructure has not been preserved. In the 2000s, the park was reconstructed – the paths were resurfaced, green spaces were reconstructed, and a children’s playground was built. Nowadays, on an area of 8 hectares, there are children’s and sports grounds, a children’s car park, walking paths and a beautiful fountain.

Where is Kurenevsky Park?