Yunnat Arboretum

The park with an area of 14 hectares was created in 2006, it was immediately given the status of a dendrological park of local importance with the aim of preserving, protecting and using the most valuable specimens of park construction for aesthetic, educational, environmental, scientific and health purposes. The modern species composition and landscape composition of the arboretum has been formed over more than 50 years by the efforts of student youth, teachers and employees of the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Student Youth of Ukraine. The arboretum includes areas of decorative floriculture, an orchard, a lilac garden, a memorial planting Memory of the Family, linden and hornbeam alleys, examples of Ukrainian forests, a nursery, a magnolia garden, a moss garden, and areas of preserved natural phytocenoses.
Over 200 species and forms of trees and shrubs grow on the territory of the arboretum. Memorial plantings deserve special attention, as well as species included in the Red Book of Ukraine and other environmental lists, for example, Hungarian (Carpathian) lilac, ginkgo, Eastern Carpathian rhododendron, berry yew. The territory of the society of young naturalists is fenced and guarded.

Where is the Yunnat Arboretum?

Vyshgorodskaya street, 19