Monument to the steam locomotive IS20-578 (FDp20-578)

The only surviving steam locomotive of the 1-4-2 series IS (Joseph Stalin). During the years of “de-Stalinization,” the name of the beautiful car was replaced by the faceless FDp (Felix Dzerzhinsky Passenger) – the IS locomotive was created on the basis of the commercial FD. It was built in 1941 by the Voroshilovgrad plant. In 1962, renamed FDp20-578. After commissioning, he went to work at the Stary Oskol depot of the Moscow-Donbass Railway. In November 1941, he was evacuated to the Petropavlovsk depot of the Omsk Railway. Since April 1956, it was operated at the Kyiv-Passenger depot of the South-Western Railway. The locomotive was preserved on the initiative of the head of the South-Western Railway, Pyotr Krivonos. Erected as a monument in 1982 by architect N. Kisly. It is also a monument to the song “Our locomotive, fly forward, stop in the commune!” We have no other way,” written by workers of the Kyiv railway workshops. In 2015, the locomotive was subject to the decommunization law – the Soviet star and other attributes of that time were removed from it.

Where is the monument to the steam locomotive IS20-578 (FDp20-578)?