Kyiv Academic Drama Theater on Podol

At the beginning of the 19th century, in the house at Andreevsky Spusk 20B where the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol is now located, which belonged to a merchant and philanthropist Ivan Shatrov, a home theater worked. It hosted musical evenings, dramatic performances, and was visited by famous cultural figures, representatives of aristocratic families, industrialists, philanthropists and politicians. The foundation of the current theater in Podol was laid in 1978, when the Russian Drama Theater Vitaly Malakhov presented his debut production of “The Tale of Monica”, which was a considerable success. In 1979, the Ministry of Culture decided to increase the number of theaters in Kyiv. Thus, 4 theaters were created: the Young Theater, the Theater of Poetry, Theater of Drama and Comedy and the Theater stage, which was headed by Malakhov.

The theater he headed was able to prove that true art, under any regime, knows how to be itself, able to do what art should do, without being in the service of the “needs of the era.” Malakhov and his theater managed to be relatively “apolitical” at a time when such things were not welcomed, thanks to which this creative team was able, in their best productions, to explore not pseudo-current, but truly eternal problems of existence: Life, Death, Love, Honor, Friendship, Betrayal. The times of perestroika brought liberalization of all social processes. At this time, many young directors got their chance for creative self-determination. Thus, in 1987, the Podil Theater appeared in Kyiv, headed by Vitaly Malakhov. Formally, this theater was a long-established group of like-minded creative people with their own repertoire, and therefore recognition of their work by the audience did not take long to arrive. The first commercial success also came – an agreement with the Tyumen oil producing company. Concerts in this region brought in good money, which made it possible to set up a stage and have a good financial position.

From this moment on, the theater in Podol becomes “traveling” – an unprecedented stage of a large number of foreign tours begins. Sponsors came to the theater. Since it was very difficult to travel abroad at that time, and the theater had such opportunities, sponsors entered into agreements with the theater and toured with their families. From 1987 to 1994, the theater was on tour almost all the time. Taking into account the high professional level of the team and its contribution to the development of dramatic art in Ukraine, in 1994 the Main Directorate of Culture of Kyiv awarded the theater in Podil the status of a state theater. In 2006, by decree of the Minister of Culture, the creative team was awarded academic status for outstanding achievements in the development of Ukrainian dramatic art.

From 2015 to 2017, the theater building in Podol was under reconstruction. Now the theater’s performances have received a 5D format thanks to such modern technologies as: rain and snow installations, a projection screen and hard scenes, a mobile stage, and new sound equipment. Also, a ramp and an elevator have been built for people with disabilities, and performances for the visually impaired and hearing impaired people are held on the stage.

Where is the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol?

Andreevsky Descent, 20B
332-22-17, 425-54-89