National Music Academy of Ukraine named after Tchaikovsky

The Kiev Conservatory was founded in November 1913 on the basis of the music school of the Kyiv branch of the Russian musical society. Outstanding musicians contributed to the organization of the institution: Sergei Rachmaninov, Alexander Glazunov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The Conservatory House was built in the 1890s (former Continental Hotel, architects Eduard Bradtman (Franco Theater, house of the “weeping widow”, House of Baron Gesselbein) and Georgy Shleifer (Brodsky Synagogue, Shleifer’s mansion), was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War; in 1955-1958 the concert hall was rebuilt and completed. In 1925, the junior classes of the conservatory were separated into a separate institution – a music technical school, while the senior classes became part of the Nikolai Lysenko Music and Drama Institute. In the 1934-1935 academic year, one of the first ten-year specialized secondary music schools in the Soviet Union was opened at the conservatory.

In 1940, the conservatory was named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky. During the Great Patriotic War, the Kiev Conservatory was evacuated and was temporarily part of the Sverdlovsk Conservatory. In 1995, by decree of the President of Ukraine, the conservatory received the status of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after Tchaikovsky. During protests in 2004 and 2013-2014, the Kiev Conservatory provided premises for protesters to sleep and rest. Nowadays, the Kiev Conservatory is the leading musical educational institution of the state, training specialists in the following specialties: “Musical art” (specializations – “piano”, “organ”, “musicology”, “composition”, “orchestral string instruments”, “orchestral wind and percussion” instruments”, “folk instruments”, “choral conducting”, “opera-symphonic conducting”, “academic singing”); “Theory and history of culture”, “Theater art” (specialization – “musical directing”).

To support the educational process, there is a library (the fund includes more than 500,000 printed items and music editions), a “Sound Recording and Phono Fund Laboratory”, “Problem Research Laboratory for the Study and Promotion of Folk Musical Creativity”, “Educational Laboratory of Music and Information Technologies” , opera studio, large, small and chamber concert hall. Festivals are regularly held here, musicians and singers perform, and various thematic lectures are held – admission is often free.

Where is the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine?

Architect Gorodetsky Street, 1-3/11
(044) 279-07-92