Brodsky Choral Synagogue

The synagogue was opened on August 24, 1898 on the 50th anniversary of the birth of Lazar Brodsky, a Ukrainian sugar industrialist, philanthropist and philanthropist with whose funds it was built. He also financed the construction of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv operetta, Bessarabian market, Evgeniy Paton Institute. The synagogue was built according to the design of the architect Georgy Shleifer (in Kiev he was noted for the projects of Theater named after Franko and Shleifer mansion) by the construction office of Lev Ginzburg (it built Ginsburg skyscraper, national bank of Ukraine, house of the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, National Art Museum of Ukraine). In 1926, the synagogue was closed, transferring the building to a club to the trade union of handicraftsmen. Since 1944, the synagogue building has been used as a theater, especially as a children’s puppet theater.

The building has been reconstructed many times. After the 1970s, the top floor was rebuilt and the facade was added. In December 1992, services resumed in the synagogue. From 1997 to 2000, restoration and restoration work was carried out under the leadership of the architect Yu. Paskevich with money from European philanthropists. On March 14, 2000, the grand opening of the synagogue took place (in the 1990s, the Jewish religious community occupied only part of the building, in which the children’s theater continued to operate). In 2008, the synagogue celebrated its 110th anniversary.

Where is the Brodsky Choral Synagogue located?

Shota Rustaveli Street, 13
(044) 235-90-82, 235-90-83