Park “Taraschenets”

Park “Taraschanets” (full name “Park named after the crew of the armored train “Taraschanets””) was created in 1963 and is located near the present day the unfinished Darnitsky railway station and the Kiev tank cemetery. In the center of the park there is a monument to the crew of the Tarashchanets armored train – a monument in honor of the heroes of the Red Army armored train Tarashchanets, who in August 1919 defended the Darnitsa railway junction from the Denikinites for almost 6 days; on the night of August 30, having rejected the offer to surrender, the crew members blew up an armored train and died along with it (commander – L. Lomakin, commissar – V. Forte, drivers – S. Sukhotsky, V. Ivanov, I. Akutsov, stokers – N. Prokopovich, N. Doroshenko, Black Sea sailors.). Opened on September 21, 1974. Authors: sculptor V.I. Znoba, architect E.A. Pylnik.

The total height of the monument is 3.3 meters. On the granite pedestal there are 7 bronze figures, symbolizing the seven from the team of “Taraschans” at the moment of making the decision: to die, but not to give up. The pedestal is made of black polished labradorite with a height of 0.4 meters. On the front part of the pedestal of the monument, on a (vertical) granite slab, the words about the “Taraschants” raid are engraved; to the left on the ground there is a piece of armor with the carved words “Here are buried the “Taraschants” heroes who gave their lives for the power of the Soviets. Eternal memory and glory to you!”

The sculptural group for the crew of the Tarashchanets armored train is included in the list of 105 monuments and memorial signs of the Soviet era that are still on the streets of Kyiv and are subject to dismantling. Alleys with benches radiate from the monument, and paths are paved along the perimeter of the park.
The park’s plantings mainly include trees and shrubs of decorative deciduous species (96% are deciduous species, 4% are coniferous). The total number of trees is 618, shrubs – 350. In 2010, new trees were planted here.
In August 2015, the park underwent a major overhaul: pedestrian paths were updated, new benches and trash bins were installed, soil was brought in and new bushes were planted.

Where is Tarashchanets Park?