Polytechnic Park

The complex of buildings of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was built during 1898-1902, and in 1903 a park was laid out in front of them, in which valuable tree species were planted. The park was created in a natural style, only in front of the KPI buildings a regular type of park was created. The green zone was created by teaching and student staff; about 200 species and forms of trees and shrubs were planted here. After the Great Patriotic War, little survived and the park was replanted, but already in the 1950-60s.
Nowadays, the park, which has an area of 14 hectares, is dominated by deciduous trees (beech, cordifolia linden, horse chestnut, Norway maple, common locust), including those exotic for Ukraine (ginkgo biloba, bunduk, sugar maple, Caucasian Lapina) , however, there are also conifers – Scots pine, larch and others.

Where is the Polytechnic Park?