The Wax Museum

Музей восковых фигур - Никулин, Моргунов и Вицин

The Kiev Wax Museum is the private collection of Evgeniy and Alexey Sazhin, who decided to create it in 1997 after visiting the Amsterdam branch of the London Wax Museum. At the moment, the collection of the Kyiv museum includes more than 60 figures of Ukrainian and foreign political figures, writers, actors, singers and athletes. … Read more

Cadet Grove

Кадетская роща

Cadet Grove is a historical area in Kyiv, through which a stream with the same name flows (the right tributary of the Lybid River). It has been known since the end of the 18th century as Shulyavskaya Grove, and after the construction of the Vladimir Kyiv Cadet Corps here in 1857 – Cadet Grove. It … Read more

Park Sputnik

Парк Спутник

The park, with an area of 16.5 hectares, was created in 1969; deciduous trees predominate here (mainly linden, maple, birch), and there are a large number of bushes. In 2016, work was carried out to overhaul the park, as a result of which paths were laid out, 26 benches and 26 garbage bins were installed, … Read more

Kyiv Zoo

Киевский зоопарк

Kiev Zoological Park is a unique facility created on the initiative of professors from St. Vladimir University and the Polytechnic Institute, gymnasium teachers, doctors, public figures and many wildlife lovers who were members of the Kyiv Society of Nature Lovers. The official date of foundation of the Kyiv Zoo and the beginning of its activities … Read more