St. Catherine’s Church

In 1887, a small chapel was built at the Lukyanovsky cemetery, but over time it became insufficient – it could not meet the existing needs of the parish. Therefore, in 1910, Colonel Ivan Mirovich offered to convert the chapel into a church at his own expense, but only on one condition – the temple would be called St. Catherine, in honor of his late wife. At the end of the year, his proposal was approved and with the 750 rubles allocated by Mirovich, the chapel was rebuilt into a church, and on April 18, 1911 it was consecrated. It was a church with one altar and a wooden three-tier bell tower. In 1913, there was a fire in the temple. During the restoration work, services were held in the crypt-chapel of the Solsky family, which in our time has become a permanent church of the cemetery.

The Lukyanovskoye cemetery was closed for burials in 1962, at the same time the Church of St. Catherine was also closed – services were no longer held there, because in 1974 (according to other sources – 1972) the church was destroyed by order of the Soviet government, and in its place was built symbolic military memorial (on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Victory Day). In 1993, the Church of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russians was registered at the Lukyanovskoe cemetery. Divine services take place in the crypt-chapel of the Kiev mayor of the late 19th century, Stepan Solsky. On December 28, 2011, the consecration of crosses for the domes of the newly built Church of the Great Martyr Catherine took place.

Where is St. Catherine’s Church

Dorogozhitskaya street, 7
(067) 194-67-43