Television Museum

The Museum of Television of the National Television Company of Ukraine opened on November 16, 2006 on the 55th anniversary of Ukrainian television. This is the only museum in the country dedicated to television. The founders of the museum were television workers who stood at the origins of professional television broadcasting in Ukraine and worked at Khreshchatyk, 26 (the old television and radio center). Those who were the first to press the “Ether” button in 1951 and laid the brick of the new hardware and studio complex on Melnikov Street, which is popularly called the “pencil” because of its shape.

On November 5, 2011, to mark the 60th anniversary of Ukrainian television, the second hall of the museum was opened. It represents a model of the first television studio, an installation of the work of television in the 1950s. In November 2013, the museum was replenished with exhibition space in the main lobby of telecentr. The first photo exhibition is dedicated to the anniversaries of the Kyiv Television Center and Kyiv Television Tower, the second tells about the faces of the Ukrainian television screen who began the era of television broadcasting in the capital and various regions of Ukraine. Since 2014, the museum has had an interactive film set, thanks to which you can try yourself as a presenter or cameraman, discover the wonders of television technology and in a moment find yourself in a 1970s studio.

Facts, people, technology, programs – this is the principle of forming the museum’s exhibition, which numbers almost 1000 exhibits. Among them are unique rarities: a television with a KVN-49 magnifying lens, film and television cameras that were used to film the first programs, radio receivers from pre-war times, and the first Soviet tube televisions. The permanent exhibition visualizes the history of Ukrainian television through a series of installations and has 2 halls and an exhibition area in the lobby, near the museum.

The main hall combines conventional thematic zones:
– history of television in documents, photographs and awards,
– television of past years,
– a gallery of sketches and mock-ups of sets for TV shows, made by the channel’s artists,
– an interactive platform, thanks to which you can try yourself as a presenter and get acquainted with the specifics of the work of a TV studio,
– history of television programs for children,
– a section dedicated to the participation of Ukrainian television workers in covering the Chernobyl disaster.

In the Red Hall you can get acquainted with the first steps of Ukrainian television and see collections of film cameras, cameras and microphones. The museum’s funds are constantly being replenished and organized. Both through internal reserves – the transfer of equipment and props that are not used in production, and with the help of other organizations and museums of a technical direction.

Where is the television museum?

Melnikova street, 42
044 481 51 61
visit by appointment