Kokorevo gazebo

Kokorevo gazebo (the name Kokorevo gazebo is often found, but gazebo is the same gazebo, but in Ukrainian). The first gazebo is located on Andreevsky Descent behind St. Andrew’s Church, and the second – in park on Vladimirskaya Gorka. How did these gazebos appear and why were they called that?

Russian businessman and philanthropist Vasily Aleksandrovich Kokorev visited Kyiv from time to time and was so captivated by the beauty of the city that he expressed a desire to install a gazebo on Vladimirskaya Hill. There was no park on Vladimirskaya Gorka at that time – around the monument to Prince Vladimir, which was installed in 1853, it was just a bare slope. In 1863, Kokorev contributed 1,000 rubles to the city treasury for the construction of a gazebo on Vladimirskaya Gorka. City officials accepted the money, but for some reason no one was in a hurry to fulfill Vasily Alexandrovich’s will. In 1896, Kokorev’s 1,000 rubles, thanks to accrued interest, turned into an impressive 3,627 rubles.

It turned out that with this money it was possible to make 2 iron gazebos on a stone foundation, one of which it was decided to install on Vladimirskaya Hill, the other in the park near St. Andrew’s Church. The work on constructing the gazebos was entrusted to the Goslinski and Co. factory in Warsaw, which offered the most favorable conditions at the auction. The gazebos were inaugurated in December 1898.

That’s interesting!

1. Kokorev was engaged in the oil business (kerosene production) with the direct participation of the famous chemist Mendeleev,
2. Almost went bankrupt in the late 1860s due to careless statements addressed to the government elite and unsuccessful financial investments.

From any of the two Kokorevo gazebos you can see a wonderful view of the left bank of Kyiv at any time of the year. The places where gazebos are installed may well serve not only for enjoying the city landscapes, but also for photography, since they are rightfully considered observation platforms.

Where is the Kokorevo gazebo located?

1. Andreevskaya descent, 23

2. Trekhsvyatitelskaya, 4A