Ship “Zheleznyakov” (river monitor)

“Zheleznyakov” is a ship of the USSR Navy, a river monitor (a class of low-sided armored ships with powerful artillery weapons, mainly coastal or river action, to suppress coastal batteries and destroy enemy coastal objects) of the SB-37 project Leninskaya Kuznya plant. He took part in the Great Patriotic War. All six monitors of this project were named after sailors – heroes of the Civil War. “Zheleznyakov” received the name of A.G. Zheleznyakov – the famous “sailor Zheleznyak”.

The ship was laid down in November 1934 and launched exactly a year later. It entered service on October 27, 1936, and was part of the Dnieper military flotilla. From the first days of the Great Patriotic War until mid-July 1941, Zheleznyakov and other ships of the military flotilla, interacting with the ground forces of the Red Army, held the state border, preventing the enemy from crossing the Danube. Since September 1944, the monitor is again on the Danube. Participated in the liberation of Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia.

During the war, Zheleznyakov covered over 40,000 kilometers, repelled 127 air attacks, destroyed 13 artillery and mortar batteries, 4 infantry battalions, and 2 ammunition depots. After the end of the Great Patriotic War, Zheleznyakov remained in service for some time. On March 11, 1958, he was withdrawn from combat service and disarmed. On March 18, 1958, it received the designation PSKL-4 and was converted into a floating warehouse. The monitor’s armament was transferred to the Central Naval Museum of Leningrad, and an armored turret with guns was installed near the Suvorov Museum in Izmail.

On September 10, 1960, it was excluded from the list of ships of the USSR Navy in connection with the transfer to the Danube Shipping Company, and was later used as a floating pier. In 1965, at the request of public organizations, the hull and weapons of the Zheleznyakov were transferred to the Leninskaya Kuznitsa plant, the ship was restored and on July 10, 1967, installed on a concrete pedestal near the shipyard in Maryakov Park.

Where is the ship “Zheleznyakov” (river monitor)?

Rybalsky Peninsula, Elektrikov Street, 31