Tram depot and metro depot in Troeshchyna

Troyeshchyna is located on the left bank of Kyiv and is the second largest residential area in Ukraine with a population of about 300,000 people. The massif covers an area of 3265 hectares. The development of Troyeshchyna began in 1981, after the completion of the construction of the Moscow (Northern) bridge in December 1976. Architects Yuri Paskevich (also designed the development of such areas as Obolon and Vinogradar, as well as Podol in Soviet times; author of the reconstruction of the Brodsky synagogue), Grigory Slutsky and others, as innovations in urban architecture, used multi-colored, rainbow-colored painting of residential buildings when developing the area, which began to somewhat distinguish the architecture of the massif from the same type of panel high-rise buildings in other residential areas of that time. For quite some time now, the authorities have been promising to begin construction of the Podolsko-Vigurovskaya metro line to Troieschyna, but so far the only electric transport available is a tram, a trolleybus and a city train station.

Unfinished tram maintenance station

The station was planned for the maintenance of trams, as well as for day and night parking of individual cars, since the Darnitsky depot is located quite far from the Troeshchinsky tram line to this day. The construction was planned to be expanded over time into a small depot in order to receive trams from the high-speed line. All that remained was to complete the interior decoration and bring in the necessary equipment, furniture, and connect communications, but for some reason the station was abandoned. As of 2018, it remains abandoned and not used in any way.

Where is the tram depot in Troeshchina?

Tram roundabout No. 28, Miloslavskaya street 21

Unfinished metro depot

The metro to Troyeshchina was not promised unless by someone who never intended to visit or was in power of a city or country. The design of the metro for Troyeshchyna began even before its construction began, but as of 2018, residents of the area are only faced with the prospect of receiving a pedestrian-vehicle bridge by 2020 (Podolsky bridge crossing, which also includes a metro bridge) on which at the end of 2017 Construction work has picked up quite noticeably.

The construction of a metro depot in Troeshchyna began back in the 90s, when the Podolsko-Voskresenskaya line route was supposed to pass under Mayakovsky Avenue and Marina Tsvetaeva Street (as of 2018, it is still unknown where and how the metro route in Troyeshchyna will pass). The structure of the building was almost completely built, ditches and gates were installed in the eastern part, but the work was frozen and until the mid-2000s the object stood surrounded by a construction fence. The Promzona station was planned near the depot. At this time, the building is being converted into warehouses, and the metro depot is planned to be built on Miloslavskaya Street (not far from the turning circle of trams No. 4 and 5).

Where was the metro depot in Troeshchina?

beginning of Marina Tsvetaeva Street