Oxygen plant

Заброшенная территория завода

The history of the development of oxygen production in Kyiv began in the pre-war period, when, with the growth of the industrial potential of the region, a significant need for oxygen and acetylene arose. By the beginning of 1941, production buildings were built and the Kiev oxygen plant received domestically produced equipment manufactured by the … Read more

The Wax Museum

Музей восковых фигур - Никулин, Моргунов и Вицин

The Kiev Wax Museum is the private collection of Evgeniy and Alexey Sazhin, who decided to create it in 1997 after visiting the Amsterdam branch of the London Wax Museum. At the moment, the collection of the Kyiv museum includes more than 60 figures of Ukrainian and foreign political figures, writers, actors, singers and athletes. … Read more