Monument “Chasing Two Hares”

The monument to the characters of the famous film comedy “Chasing Two Hares” (released in 1961), Pronya Prokopovna and Golokhvosty, is located on Andreevsky Descent. The monument, created according to the design of the architect Vladimir Skulsky and sculptors Vladimir Shchur (monument to Panikovsky, Gorodetsky, Leonid Bykov) and Vitaly Sivko (monument to Princess Olga, Yaroslav the Wise, Panikovsky, Gorodetsky, Leonid Bykov), was installed in August 1999.

Margarita Krinitsyna (Pronya Prokopovna) about the opening of the monument

– They called me and informed me that the monument “Chasing Two Hares” was to be opened in Podol. I also thought then, how do they imagine him – will they portray two birds with one stone? And so, when I arrived at the opening and they pulled the cover off the monument, I was even confused – they were standing together, but not hares, but Pronya and Svirid! Out of surprise, I exclaimed: “Hello, Svirida Petrovich!” I really like this monument, the resemblance is striking, and the spirit is conveyed. I come to see him quite often, I remember that wonderful work with director Viktor Ivanov. He made a classic form of film adaptation, brilliantly reimagining the play. For me, this role is a happy gift from fate. Dozens of actresses auditioned for Pronya, and then, when almost no one was left, I showed up. We played so funny with Oleg Borisov that the artistic council immediately approved it. This role, which I never thought would be my favorite, became the main one in my cinematic life.

The sculptural composition includes Svirid Golokhvosty, who knelt down and offers his hand to Prona Prokopovna, who in turn extends her hand to him for a kiss. There is a symbolic bug on the back of the sculpture of Svirid Golokhvosty. At the bottom of the monument lies the glove of Svirid Petrovich. Pronya Prokopovna and Svirid Golokhvosty are characters in the comedy play “Chasing Two Hares” (written in 1883) by Ukrainian playwright Mikhail Staritsky. The monument is located near St. Andrew’s Church, at the very beginning of St. Andrew’s Descent.

Where is the monument “Chasing Two Hares” (Pronya Prokopovna and Golokhvostoy) located?

Desyatinnaya street, 14