Monument to Princess Olga, Apostle Andrew, Cyril and Methodius

The monument was originally unveiled in September 1911. Its creators were sculptors Ivan Kavaleridze and Pyotr Snitkin, architect Valerian Rykov. The composition consists of three figures on a pink granite pedestal. In the center is Princess Olga, on the left side is Apostle Andrew the First-Called, and on the right are the educators of the Slavic people Cyril and Methodius.
In 1919, vandals threw down the sculpture of Princess Olga and broke it into two parts. The side sculptures were boarded up. Instead of Olga, they installed a bust of Taras Shevchenko, which was originally planned for this location. In 1923, the entire sculptural composition was dismantled. On May 25, 1996, the monument was re-erected. The authors of the restoration were sculptors Vitaly Sivko (monument to Yaroslav the Wise, monument to Panikovsky, monument to Pronya Prokopovna and Golokhvastov , monument to military pilots, monument to Vladislav Gorodetsky), Nikolai Bilyk and Vitaly Shishov.

Where is the monument to Princess Olga, the Apostle Andrew, Cyril and Methodius located?