Monument to Vladislav Gorodetsky

The monument in honor of the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky was opened in the spring of 2004 with the support of patrons and is located in Passage on the sidewalk next to the house. The authors are sculptors Vladimir Shchur, Vitaly Sivko (monument to Princess Olga, monument to Panikovsky, monument to Chasing Two Hares, monument to Leonid Bykov, monument to Yaroslav the Wise) and architect Vladimir Skulsky. Vladislav Gorodetsky is considered one of the founders and most prominent representatives of the Kyiv Art Nouveau school. The architect lived and worked in Kiev for 30 years, became a direct participant in the development of the city, creating designs for many houses, among them sights: the building of the current National Art Museum of Ukraine, Karaite kenassa (actor’s house), house with chimeras, Nicholas Church, Ivan Franko Theater.

Vladislav Gorodetsky is depicted sitting at a table in a cafe, holding a cup of coffee in his right hand. The artist’s appearance and details of clothing were carefully recreated – a wide-brimmed hat on his head, a spacious frock coat. The details of the composition tell about the style of the era in which the architect lived – this is a round table on three curved legs, two Viennese chairs, on one of which Gorodetsky is sitting, the second stands opposite him. On the table there is a book called “V. Gorodetsky. In the jungles of Africa. Diary of a Hunter,” in which the architect described his adventures in Africa.

The sculptural composition is placed on a flat bronze plinth and on a low rectangular granite pedestal, on which the inscription “Architect Gorodetsky” stylized as a facsimile is carved. On the plinth, at the feet of the architect’s figure, there is a bronze cartouche with an inscription indicating the patron of the monument’s construction – “Diamantbank”, and a little further – the names of its authors. On the second cartouche on the left side of the pedestal there is an inscription stating that the monument was erected with the support of Alexander Omelchenko (then the mayor of Kyiv).

Where is the monument to Vladislav Gorodetsky?