Monument to Panikovsky

The monument to one of the characters in the novel “The Golden Calf” by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky, was erected in 1998 and is located near the corner of Khreshchatik and Proriznoy, where the hero of the novel made his living by pickpocketing before the revolution. Ironically, Panikovsky’s wand often becomes a victim of vandal thieves.

The monument is made of bronze. The statue, 2 meters high, bears a portrait resemblance to Zinovy Gerdt, who played the role of Panikovsky in the movie. The figure is made in the form of a blind man with a cane, a hat, dark glasses and a spoon on a chain in his pocket. His left hand fumbles in the pocket of the one who passes in front of him. The left foot is in a hurry to step on the coin so that no one takes it. If you put a mirror on the sole of a shoe, you can see the fig. Authors of the monument: sculptors – Vitaly Sivko (monument to Princess Olga, Yaroslav the Wise, monument to Leonid Bykov (military pilots), Gorodetsky, Pronya Prokopovna and Golokhvasty) and Vladimir Shchur, architect – Vladimir Skulsky. Initially, at the current location of the monument in 1992, a memorial plaque appeared stating that the great blind Panikovsky had previously lived in this place.

Where is the monument to Panikovsky?

Proriznaya street, 6